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Knicks interested in Tucker, Cunningham, Simmons
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - Even the most loyal Knicks fans would admit that New York's big-name signings last summer didn't work out well.Derrick Rose got to the basket whenever he wanted to in 2016-...
Knicks Hope To Revisit Ricky Rubio Trade Talks With Wolves
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - The New York Knicks have interest in revisiting trade discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Ricky Rubio.The Knicks and Wolves discussed a Rubio trade at the...
Knicks cut ties with Josh Longstaff, assistant who is close with Kristaps Porzingis
Monday, May 22, 2017 - As their relationship with Kristaps Porzingis sits on rocky terrain, the Knicks made a curious decision to not renew the contract of popular assistant Josh Longstaff, the ...
This series disaster can push Celtics to pull Carmelo trigger
Sunday, May 21, 2017 - At the start of the second half of the Cavaliers historic Boston Massacre rout on Friday night, TNT broadcasters Chris Webber and Reggie Miller already were dissecting what...
Meeting between Kristaps Porzingis brother and Phil Jackson does little to bridge gap between two sides
Sunday, May 21, 2017 - Knicks president Phil Jackson met recently with Kristaps Porzingis' brother to discuss some of the issues that prompted the Latvian star to skip out on his exit meeting, t...
Knicks interested in Pablo Prigioni for assistant coach job
Friday, May 19, 2017 - The New York Knicks are interested in hiring Pablo Prigioni as assistant coach, as reported by Gigantes.The Argentinean point guard announced his retire in the middle of th...
Anthony Davis chosen first-team All-NBA for second time in three seasons
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - With one week remaining in the 2016-17 regular season, Anthony Davis half-jokingly told the media that although being chosen for an All-NBA team would be meaningful for him...
76ers, Nets, Knicks Interested In J.J. Redick
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - The Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers all have interest in J.J. Redick in free agency.While the Los Angeles Clippers have interest in re-signing Redick,...
The Russell Westbrook type whose red flags can make him a Knick
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - With the Knicks falling back to eighth in next months NBA draft, dynamic if disappointing N.C. State point guard Dennis Smith Jr. has landed squarely in their crosshairs.Ho...
Phil Jackson confident in Knicks' NBA Draft preparation: 'We're good at what we do'
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - The ping pong balls in Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery bounced favorably for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, as they secured the top two picks in June's draft. But t...
Top Knicks defender: Carmelo fights for his teammates
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - Knicks forward Lance Thomas experienced an injury-marred season, starting with plantar fasciitis in both feet, a fractured orbital bone and a mysterious hip injury that end...
Hall of Famer on Carmelo Anthony: I dont think hes the problem
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - The New York Knicks will assuredly look to trade star forward Carmelo Anthony this summer. Its something team president Phil Jackson has repeatedly indicated publicly. For ...
NBA Team Option Decisions For 2017/18
Monday, May 15, 2017 - Having created a post last week to track this offseasons player option decisions, were turning our attention today to team options. In the coming weeks, well use the space ...
NBA execs: Phil Jackson killing Carmelos trade stock
Monday, May 15, 2017 - You want to trade in or sell your 2003 car and get a better model. Chances are you do not initiate sale talks with:Well, the car stalls and it never got me where I wa...
Jeff Hornacek says Kristaps Porzingis isnt going anywhere
Friday, May 12, 2017 - Jeff Hornacek doesnt see a scenario where Kristaps Porzingis is in anything but a Knicks uniform next season.Theres no doubt in my mind hell be on the roster, Hornace...
A warning to teams trying to trade for Kristaps Porzingis
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - Janis Porzingis hinted any team looking to trade for his brother Kristaps may do so only as a rental.Janis, who is an agent for Andy Millers ASM group, reiterated his...
Brother: If Kristaps Porzingis traded, he'd then test free agency
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - Kristaps Porzingis' brother, Janis Porzingis, says the Knicks forward wants to remain in New York but also wants the club to create an environment conducive to player devel...
NBA Teams Fed Up with Rockets' 'Jabroni' Foul-Drawing
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - What the NBA should do about the proliferation of players being fouled on three-point shot attempts is up for debate. What is not is who has practically cornered the market...
Knicks Targeting Frank Ntilikina, De'Aaron Fox, Malik Monk
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - The New York Knicks are believed to be targeting Frank Ntilikina, De'Aaron Fox and Malik Monk at No. 7 if they don't move up in next week's lottery.The Knicks also are high...
NBA trade rumors: Knicks' Carmelo Anthony to Bucks?
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - When Carmelo Anthony trade rumors are brought up, the usual suspects typically dominate the conversation.Teams like the Clippers, Celtics, Cavaliers and Lakers are th...
Mike D'Antoni says he quit Knicks after Carmelo Anthony's ultimatum
Tuesday, May 09, 2017 - Apparently it was an ultimatum from Carmelo Anthony that led to Mike DAntonis resignation in New York.DAntoni made that claim in a long profile published by ESPN, whi...
Kristaps Porzingis rep says Knicks players Twitter account was hacked with LA Clippers post
Sunday, May 07, 2017 - Kristaps Porzingis may be ticked off with Knicks management, but his camp says the cryptic Clippers tweet that was shared from his account Saturday night was not of his ow...
Kristaps Porzingis cryptically tweets LA Clippers with smiley faces
Sunday, May 07, 2017 - File this one under strangely-timed cryptic tweet.With speculation swirling in the wake of him skipping out on his exit interview with the Knicks, Kristaps Porzingis...
Porzingis offers frequently used emojis as proof he didn't write Clippers tweet
Sunday, May 07, 2017 - It's no secret that things aren't great between the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis -- they're reportedly not even on speaking terms .Porzingis still hasn't offered an explan...
How Carmelo could become part of a revamped Clippers Big 4
Friday, May 05, 2017 - Clippers coach Doc Rivers still believes in his core group, but admitted he is tired of just being in the playoff party. Carmelo Anthony is tired of being on the outs...
2016 - 2017 Atlantic Standings
Boston (48 - 26)
Toronto (45 - 29)
New York (28 - 46)
Philadelphia (28 - 46)
Brooklyn (16 - 57)
2017 New York Knicks Schedule (Last 10)
114 - 113
Philadelphia 76ers
Wed, Apr 12
110 - 97
Toronto Raptors
Sun, Apr 09
101 - 88
@Memphis Grizzlies
Fri, Apr 07
106 - 103
Washington Wizards
Thu, Apr 06
100 - 91
Chicago Bulls
Tue, Apr 04
110 - 94
Boston Celtics
Sun, Apr 02
98 - 94
@Miami Heat
Fri, Mar 31
105 - 88
Miami Heat
Wed, Mar 29
109 - 95
Detroit Pistons
Mon, Mar 27
106 - 98
@San Antonio Spurs
Sat, Mar 25
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